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Sisters in Strength Gynecologic Cancer Support Group

This open format group provides women with an opportunity to share personal experiences and learn from others. The focus is on empowerment, stress management and developing healthy, effective ways to cope with cancer-related issues. This group is facilitated by a social worker and gyn cancer survivor. The group is offered, free of charge, to any woman in the community, regardless of what type of gynecologic cancer she has or where she is receiving treatment. Meetings are held at 7:00 pm on the 1st Tuesday of each month via Zoom. Please send an email to info@ovariancancer101.org for the Zoom link or call 508-827-1212

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Survivors Teaching Students: Saving Women's Lives®

Through the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance’s innovative educational program, Survivors Teaching Students(R): Saving Women’s Lives, future healthcare professionals — physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and physician assistants — increase their understanding of ovarian cancer symptoms and risk factors so that they can diagnose the disease when it is in its earlier, treatable stages.

Survivors Teaching Students(R): Saving Women's Lives brings ovarian cancer survivors into medical school classrooms to share their stories and key information about the disease. The program is now in more than 250 medical schools around the country as well as in a number of nurse practitioner, nursing and physician assistant training programs. In New England the program can be found at University of Connecticut and Tufts Medical School.

During each one-hour presentation:

●Several ovarian cancer survivors or caregivers, tell their stories to illustrate the importance of early diagnosis, treatment and survivorship, and the signs and symptoms of the disease.
●Students gain insights into listening to patient concerns and become sensitized to the psychosocial aspects of ovarian cancer as well as the need for early detection.
●Survivors and students directly interact to continue the student's’ learning.
Students are surveyed to assess their understanding of the disease and the presentation’s value.

Become a STS Presenter: Looking to share your story with Medical Students?  Email us at info@ovariancancer101.org or call Diane Riche at 508-827-1212 if you are willing to share your story and help save women’s lives.

Learn & Live Presentations

These thought-provoking sessions empowering women (and those who love them) to learn the subtle symptoms of ovarian cancer, recognize their own genetic and personal health risk and when to seek proper medical attention for the best outcome. These sessions are perfect  for health fairs and conferences, service organizations, religious groups, sororities and high school health classes.

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Peer Mentoring - Woman to Woman Program®

Would you like to talk to someone with your cancer type?

The Woman to Woman program is a peer-to-peer support program that pairs newly diagnosed gynecologic cancer patients or patients currently in treatment with trained survivor volunteers who provide hope, support, understanding and encouragement from someone who has “been there.” If you are diagnosed with any gynecologic cancer, you can request a mentor – someone who can be with you through the duration of the diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

​Because face -to-face interaction is not recommended at the present time, you can connect on the phone, exchange emails, texts or even meet one another via Zoom. The program is flexible and based on your needs and preferences. Talking with a survivor who understands the roller coaster range of emotions and who can help navigate the medical maze is an invaluable resource.
To apply, fill out the application below. For questions or more information about the Woman to Woman program, contact our Woman to Woman Program Coordinator, Diane Riche, for more information at:  diane@ovariancancer101.org

Ovarian Cancer 101 Resource Guide

Cancer is an expensive and difficult illness. For many women, coming to terms with the fact that they have ovarian cancer can be just as difficult as the treatment itself. But, one of the best ways to overcome cancer or any serious health issue is by educating yourself as much as you possibly can about your condition. Another way to fight ovarian cancer is by taking advantage of all the great services out there that are specifically geared toward patients just like you.

The good news is, there are many organizations that can provide assistance. However, it can often be hard to know where to start looking.

In order to make these resources more easily accessible to patients, Ovarian Cancer 101 has created a Resource Guide to help you on your journey. Click on the Guide on the right to view and/or print.

Awareness Signs & Symptom Cards

Free by request to hand out or display at local businesses, offices etc. Just email info@ovariancancer101.org to order some - always free of charge to individuals.


Representing ovarian cancer survivors from across the state and fighting for early detection and awareness. Ovarian Cancer 101 works to advance federal and state legislation to improve funding and support for survivors. Ovarian Cancer 101 speaks as the voice of survivors, educating legislators about the public policy initiatives critical to saving lives from ovarian cancer. 



Bags of Hope and Comfort

These complimentary bags include information and items intended to provide support and comfort to Cape Cod and Islands women who receive an ovarian cancer diagnosis. If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and are currently in treatment, Ovarian Cancer 101 (OC101) will provide a free bag of items to you for use during chemo & beyond. These bags include a copy of OC101’s Ovarian Cancer Resource Guide, a reusable teal ribbon tote bag, a blanket, slipper socks, insulated lunch bag, water bottle, items to help with chemo side effects, and more!